Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Rusty Visits Sansome School

On Tuesday, October 25th, four of our classes were able to meet and learn from Dr. Jim Duncan of Conservation Manitoba who visited us with his his long-eared owl, "Rusty".  Dr. Duncan is a biologist "whooo" shares his love of owls with students.  He told us some amazing information like: 

- owls have ears in uneven locations on their heads to help them hear better
- barred owls can turn their heads more than 360 degrees
- fringed feathers are what create an owl’s silent flight.  

The students got to touch the feet, talons and wings of many kinds of owls and Dr. Duncan took us owling by showing us his GoPro footage of owl nesting sites right here in our province!  

Rusty flew around room 31 as the grand finale…what a super way to connect with nature at Sansome!

Owl Talons

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