Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Sansome School Rock Paper Scissors Donation Drive

In partnership with over 10 SJSD schools, Sansome Elementary School will be holding a school wide Rock Paper Scissor Tournament of Champions" in support of Project Echo.  

Project Echo is a local charitable foundation that supports the Lighthouse Mission, Sam's Christmas and supports the creation of over 700 holiday hampers for families in need throughout Winnipeg.  You can find out more about Project Echo at the following website:

Round 1, “The Homeroom Championship”, will take place on Monday, November 28th.  Every student is automatically able to participate in the tournament with 5 "lives".  In order to better their chances of winning we are asking that students accumulate an additional 5 "lives" by donating either:

- 1 unopened box of cereal (high fibre, non-sugar coated preferred)
- 1 new, unused package of socks
-  $5.00 donation. 

Why these items?  These have been identified as some of the greatest needed items at many shelters throughout the city.

Round 2, "The Sansome School Championship", will take place on Wednesday, November 30th.  Class champions will need to raise additional lives for this round with the help of their classmates.  The class champ can bring in donations as well as be supported by their classmates with further donations.  The amount of "lives" raised by a classroom is unlimited.  A school champion will be crowned at this event.  The last 5 students in this round will also advance to the Divisional Championships to represent the Sansome Rock Paper Scissors Team.

Round 3, "Divisional Championships at Sturgeon Heights", will take place over the lunch hour on Thursday December 8th.  Our team of 5 competitors, as well as the top donating homeroom (as a cheering section), will travel to Sturgeon Heights via bus to witness the tournament and crowning of our school division champion.

Donations can be brought in to your child’s homeroom teacher starting Monday, November 21st!  Students will find out more about this challenge on Thursday,  November 17th and Friday, November 18th.

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