Wednesday, 1 February 2017

I Love to Read Week at Sansome

February 6th to 10th

Help us celebrate the joy of reading with all of our Sansome students.  Read below to find out more.

Melting Monday (Feb 6th)

We will begin our week with a special assembly first period. Everyone needs to grab a favourite book and head to the gym for a summer reading vacation!
  • Grab a towel; pull out those shorts, sunglasses and beach hats! We will warm up with some good books!
  • Our resident storyteller, Mrs. Powell, will share her story telling skills with us. 
  • We will launch our I Love To Read Week with a school wide read-in. 
  • We will listen to some hot tunes and classes will lay back and enjoy their favourite books. 
  • We will also have a special performance by the "I Love To Read Sansome Dance Company!" 

This will be one hot assembly!

Trade Off Tuesday (Feb 7th)

Today you will be trading teachers, but don’t worry it’s only for one period! 
  • He/she will come to share a story with the class and your teacher will go to the other class.
  • Your class can play Book Trade. Everyone in class sits in a big circle and starts reading a book. Every few minutes the teacher calls “TRADE!” and you pass your book to your classmate on your right. Do it for as long as you can! How many trades can you do?
  • Bring in a book you have read and exchange it for a new one in our Great Book Trade Off! 
  • The school will also donate books to choose from to add to your choices. Any excess books left will be donated to the Children’s Book Market. 

Wild Wednesday (Feb 8th)

Wear some animal print clothes, hats and hoodies, or wear camouflage (to hide you from the wild animals)! 
  • You may choose to read to a favorite stuffed animal. Today they are welcome to attend school. 
  • Your class can try to create an “Add A Line” story based on the animal theme. 
  • Grab a fiction or nonfiction animal book to read. 
  • Classes will be served animal cookies to munch while reading. 

We will feed the beast in you, both mind and body!

Thank You Canada Thursday (Feb 9th)
Do you know Canada is turning 150 years old this year? We are lucky to live in such a great place and it is also the home to many talented authors. 
  • Show your pride by wearing red and white today! 
  • Choose Canadian books to read and buddy up with another class. 
  • We have some special bookmarks for everyone!

Funky Friday (Feb 10th)

Dress as crazy as you can!  
  • Wear your clothes inside out, backwards or mismatched. Wear a funky hairdo or hat and two different shoes. Anything goes! Classes can try the challenge of moving in the hall in a backwards line up! Now that’s crazy and mixed up!
  • Today try the challenge of trying to read a story backwards by reading the ending first, then back track to the middle and finally the beginning! 
  • Listen to jokes on the announcements and choose silly stories to read today.
  • Read your favourite joke to the class.


Do you love to read and love to play bingo? Let’s do both and you can win some prizes! It starts February 1st and ends February 28th. Teachers will hand out Reading Bingo sheets to each child to take home. Parents must initial a square to verify the reading activity was done and it can be completed in any order. If you fill your Reading Bingo card by the end of the month your name will be entered in special draws! 

D.E.A.R. Police
The Drop Everything And Read Police force will once again be patrolling the halls throughout the week to catch readers in their classes.  Listen for the announcement and have your book ready! The D.E.A.R. Police will be handing out tickets for a special daily draws. Draws will take place at the end of the day so don’t forget to fill it in and send it to the office. If you are lucky, Judge Lizotte will be summoning. Now that’s one ticket you want to get!

Literacy Lounge
A special Literacy Lounge, located by the office, will be available for a two-week period for I Love To Read. Teachers will sign up their classes and send groups of students for the opportunity to read and relax in the lounge area.

Guest Readers
Guest readers will be coming in to the classes to share stories.  We are going to see some familiar and some new faces and some very special surprise guests!  Students from Westwood School will also be visiting classes to share some favourite books.

Lunchtime Reading
The Sansome Bookworm Club will be offered at 12:20 p.m. in the library.

Monday – Grade 4
Tuesday – Grade 2
Wednesday – Grade 1
Thursday – Grade 3
Friday – Grade 5

There will be fun activities, draws and of course some time to read or listen to some good books. 

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