Thursday, 2 March 2017

"Dance-A-Thon" in Support of Sansome School

Sansome School is pleased to announce our second annual "Dance-A-Thon" to raise funds and support student programing and activities!   

The money raised will go towards field trip subsidies, guest presentations, special supplies, as well as music and physical education programs to name but a few.
Along with enhanced opportunities, students will be recognized for their fundraising efforts. For the 2017 Spring Break “DANCE” Fever (dress up in 70’s or Disco clothes), the school will be offering both individual and room incentive prizes (based on money raised per capita).


  • Individual students that are able to raise $40.00 or more will have their name placed in a draw for one TOYS “R” US gift card valued at $50 (children with one or more siblings in the school would only have to raise $65.00 to be included in these draws).
  • Students that raise $30.00 will have their name placed in a draw for one $25.00 movie gift card (children with one or more siblings in the school would only have to raise $45.00 to be included in these draws).
  • All participants will automatically be eligible for a $15.00 iTunes gift card.
  • The top 2 earners from each class will receive a surprise!
  • All classes will receive a class participation reward that will be determined by the teacher. 
  • Everyone is a winner!

*Please note that all participating classes will receive part of the proceeds from the fundraiser to spend on various activities and/or materials at the teacher’s discretion.

Students can raise funds in a variety of methods:

  • Getting pledges from parents, friends and/or relatives. 
  • Parents can choose to take pledge sheets to their workplace. 
  • Students could decide to go door to door in their neighbourhood (with parental supervision)          

*Please note that whatever method a student uses, their contributions are included in the calculations of the class total.  Students should not feel any undue pressure to raise a given amount or compete with others.

Pledges can be made in the form of cash or a cheque made payable to Sansome School.   All pledge sheets (sent home with students on March 3rd) must be returned to the school whether your child is collecting donations or not.  Please ensure the sponsor’s name is written in full with a pen on the pledge forms.

The Spring Break “DANCE” Fever will take place on Friday, March 24th.  Parents are invited to participate in the Dance-A-Thon! The morning Kindergarten, grades 4 and 5 will dance period 4.  Students in afternoon Kindergarten and grades 1-3 will dance period 5.  All students and parents are welcome to come dressed in retro, 70’s or Disco gear!

The funds and pledge sheets must be returned to your child’s teacher by Thursday,  March 16th.  Incentive prizes will be awarded the following week. If you do not wish your child to be involved in the fundraiser, please send the blank donation form back to your child’s teacher.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school.


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