Thursday, 9 March 2017

Jump Rope for Heart

Friday is our annual Jump Rope for Heart Event in the gym.  All phys. ed classes will run as a normal Day 6.  Arrangements have been made for all classes to take part.   Grade 3-5 classes please do not worry about changing gym clothes on this day. Sansome students are encouraged to wear RED instead!!! 

Jump Rope for Heart Schedule:

Period 1 Room 1-08 & K-12
Period 2 Room 2/3-10 
Period 3 Room 3/4-23 & K-35
Period 4 Room 5-21 & 1/2-09

Period 5 Room 3-28 & 2-27
Period 6 Room 5-22 & 4-34 
Period 7 Room 4-33 & 1-07

Period 8 Room K-12 

To our community, thank you for your support.  As a school, we have raised a considerable amount of money in support of a great cause.  All forms and donations are to be turned in to ensure prizes are properly ordered and received.

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