Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Thank You Volunteers!

Our Volunteer Tea serves as just a small token of our overall gratitude and appreciation for all of the support and efforts we receive from a number of our Sansome families throughout a variety of activities and events at Sansome School.

Our volunteers continue to:

-     - assist our teachers within their classrooms and literacy lab.

-     - spend time assisting with one of our concerts, musicals various performing arts events.

-     - supervise, dressed or supported one of our athletic activities.

-     - join our students on a number of field trips

-     - be ongoing members of our dedicated parent council

-     - brave serving up one of the 100’s of special luches during our monthly special lunches

No matter their contributions, our volunteers are invaluable and vital to providing our students with a positive school experience.

A famous quote about volunteering reads as

 “Volunteers don’t just do the work … they make it work!”

This quote, to our entire school community, sums up the importance of all of our volunteers and their efforts towards supporting our staff and students throughout the year. 

Without their efforts, many of our school events and routines would simply not work. 

The quantity and quality of support we receive from our volunteers at Sansome is second to none and reflects the strong commitment our community puts forward in providing a positive school experience and learning environment for each and every one of our students.

We hope that everyone here has enjoyed their volunteer experiences this year and have felt valued not only today, but each time you’ve entered our school. 

The staff and students sincerely thank you and we all hope that you feel welcome to return for future events and volunteer opportunities for many years to come.

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