Friday, 23 June 2017

A Tribute to Mrs. Krostewitz

Dear Sansome Community,

It has only been a short time since Mrs. Jacki Krostewitz has passed.  Many of our families have come forward to share their thoughts and ideas with regard to a tribute in memory of Mrs. K’s joyful spirit and natural ability to work with all who entered Sansome School. 

Having our school community involved in a meaningful tribute for Mrs. K is important to both us as a school and to Mrs. K.’s family.  Through discussion and planning with the Krostewitz family and school staff, it has been decided that a tile mosaic will be created in Jacki’s honour by a local artist.  The mosaic will be mounted in our school and will greet us each day, the same way Mrs. K would greet each and every person that entered Sansome School.   The mosaic will serve as a reminder to us all of her joy of our students and appreciation of this kind and caring community.  Below is an image that will be used as inspiration to create an original mosaic.

Each student and staff member will have the option to place a tile in this mosaic and participate in an art activity that helps to explain the meaning and significance of the image and how it fits within our learning environment.  This is optional and we understand that not all may be comfortable in participating in this activity.  The creation of this mural will begin on Monday, June 26th and will be ideally completed by the end of the week. 

We are anticipating the creation of a beautiful mosaic that will be shared with our community and enjoyed by all for years to come.  We will be sure to share further details about the upcoming celebration being planned in July once details are sent our way.

Your support is much appreciated.

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