Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Sansome Teaching Staff List for 2017-18

Dear Sansome Community,

On behalf of the staff of Sansome School, best wishes to all for a safe and enjoyable summer break.  Thank you for your partnership in what has been a successful year with much to reflect upon and celebrate.

Teaching Staff List for the upcoming 2017-18 School Year:

Mr. K. Lizotte, Principal
Mrs. R. King, Administrative Assistant

Mrs. A. Frye-Kelbert, Kindergarten AM and PM, Room 12
Mrs. B. Vieira, Kindergarten AM/Resource Support, Room 35                      
Mrs. B. Powell, Grade 1/2, Room 7                                                   
Mrs. M. Hamm, Grade 1, Room 8                                                        
Mrs. T. Betz, Grade 1, Room 9                                                            
Mrs. D. Iliffe, Grade 2, Room 10
Mrs. E. Weekes, Grade 2, Room 27                                                          
Mrs. S. Arnason, Ms. L. Cairns, Grade 3, Room 28                         
Mrs. A. Richardson, Grade 3, Room 23
Ms. M. Paul, Grade 4/5, Room 33
Mrs. D. Morgan, Grade 4/5, Room 34
Mrs. J. Cassell, Grade 4/5, Room 21
Mr. G. Wasilewski, Grade 4/5, Room 22

Mrs. K. Starkell, Physical 
Mrs. S. Moses, Music
Mrs. D. Chase, Guidance Counsellor
Mrs. P. Zaman, Resource
Mrs. J. Ward, Reading Recovery

As well, I would like to express a special farewell to the following teachers who are leaving us for the upcoming year for new teaching positions and family change.

Ms. N. Appleton
Mr. K. Briggs
Ms. L. Easton
Mr. P. Flynn
Mrs. R. McKenzie

Thank you for all of your efforts.  You will be missed.

To our community,  thank you again for your support and partnership throughout the year and we are  looking forward to an equally successful 2017-18 school year.

Mr. K. Lizotte


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